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Jimmy Ng, Ph. D


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Greetings, Earthlings! I’m super grateful you’ve come here to learn more about me.

Who Am I?

  • My name is Jimmy Ng. Both my parents were born in China and immigrated to the United States in their 20s. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and lived in California most of my life. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife.
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a master’s and PhD degree in materials science and engineering. I currently work as an engineer at a tech company doing semiconductor research and development (ie. we make computer chips).
  • I write about science, technology, and science fiction. I also like to discuss current events about aspects of our society moving from science fiction to science fact.
  • How are radio astronomers trying to detect signals from other advanced alien civilizations? Did you know a team of scientists has plans to resurrect the Wooly Mammoth using genetic engineering? These are the things I blog about.

Why Am I Posting on Medium?

The Universe is a lot cooler and weirder than you probably think. I started blogging because I want to share all the things that interested me with the rest of the world!

Random Facts About Me

  • I’ve been told I eat a lot. I’ve accidentally ordered food challenges at restaurants and finished them. My friends say I should start a mukbang.
  • I’m a nerd, but I also like to party. I’m really into electronic dance music and love going to raves. My friends and I make it a ritual to go to Electric Daisy Carnival, the biggest rave in the United States, every year.
  • My wife and I are real estate investors and business owners. We‘re currently renting out a spacious house nestled next to Phoenix Mountain Preserves as a vacation rental. As we grow older, we want to continue opening up businesses (another vacation rental, a medical clinic, and perhaps a boba shop).

Why Should You Follow Me?

  • Not only am I passionate about science communication, I also have studied science and engineering at the university level for about…



Jimmy Ng, Ph. D

I write about science, technology, and science fiction; 3x top writer (science, space, future); semiconductor engineer by day